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really? >> bret: priorities. thanks for invitinus into your home. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. >> america's third war. this time we are siding with largely unknown rebels in the civil war in libya. there is a mission, however in precise but no end game defined. still, leaders say the beginning is going well. >> we are satisfied that our attacks and those of our partners have been highly effective. >> as war planes target the libyan leader's troops, and cruise missiles scream through the skies, there are new
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accusations qaddafi is protecting his territory with human shields, including journalists. and now some government forces are reportedly removing their uniforms to hide in plain sight. plus, qaddafi's compound, among the targets. but where is the libyan leader? and in japan nuclear chaos. tonight, how the newest trouble forced workers and the u.s. navy to clear the area. first from fox this monday night, the desperation tactics of muammar qaddafi. we are seeing new evidence that the dictator is using human shields to keep international coalition to keep from hitting key targets. this as america unleashes fireplace in yet another conflict in the middle east. this, the scene over tripoli just hours ago as antiaircraft fire streak through the night's
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sky, searching for any coalition aircraft. allied military leaders have been working to establish a no-fly zone over libya. in an effort to prevent qaddafi from attacking his own people. commanders are also targeting libyan troops who threaten civilians they tell us. we are told war planes focused a lot of their fireplace near the eastern city of benghazi, carrier jets reportedly dropped at least 12 bombs there overnight. >> and through a variety of reports, we know that regime ground forces that were in the vicinity of benghazi now possess little will or capability to resume offensive operations. >> u.s. and british forces have launched tomahawk cruise missiles they tell to us target government troops. and the regime's military infrastructure. in fact, the british submarine hhs triumph launched a paver tomahawks that hit qaddafi's compound in tripoli. coalition leaders target that
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site not to hurt qaddafi but to take out command and control systems there. but it now turns out they had to cancel another strike on that same location after the libyans apparently brought in western journalists to the compound. we have more on that from the pentagon coming up. still, qaddafi's own people nit they have been happy to have human shields there. and people are apparently volunteering for the job. >> families, children, men and women have come from everywhere to stay day and night to protect this location. >> shepard: we are hearing of a similar situation in the western rebel strong hold of misrata, a rebel spokesman reports qaddafi loyalists there are bringing in civilians from nearby towns to act as human shields. witnesses also claim that pro-qaddafi forces are entering the city wearing civilian clothes, blending in with the population. making it impossible to tell who is a he quote, friend and who is a quote enemy. a source tells fox news that has a potential to be enormous
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problem here because of all of qaddafi's oil money. tens of billions of dollars in cash. so he can afford to pay a lot of people to do his dirty work. the goal, hand over control to some unidentified somebody in days, not weeks. and what signals the end of this war? to that question tonight, there is no specific answer. we have team fox coverage. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. james rosen at the state department. first, let's get to steve harrigan live this overnight in tripoli. steve, a lot of antiaircraft fire earlier. what are you seeing there now? >> shepard, right now it's quiet, but three times tonight we have had heavy antiaircraft fire. those red tracer bullets going up into the sky. they usually follow loud explosions on the ground. inside this city of 1.5 million people for the third night in a row we have had major explosions. not sure whether they are from cruise missiles or from attacks from war planes those explosions coming from qaddafi's one mile
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away. after the explosion's antiaircraft fire from mobile units all around this city, shepard. >> shepard: where is qaddafi? do we know? >> >> we haven't seen him on television since friday. since then he has been getting messages by telephone read out over state television. is he promising a long war. a long war that the u.s. and its allies will use. it's likely he is still held up somewhere here in the capital. that's his strong hold. shepard? >> shepard: any signs of unrest there in the capital? >> the last protest here was more than two weeks ago. it was put down with a great deal of force, rubber bullets, and tear gas. since then, people too afraid to come out and protest. it's a real test and question how popular qaddafi is inside tripoli. he has heavy security apparatus. until now, we haven't seen that tested by any popular unrest. shepard, back to you. >> shepard: steve harrigan.
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we'll go back to him throughout the hour. air strikes that british forces called off last night after they learned that journalists were at qaddafi's compound. one reporter who was there says he did not feel that the libyans were using them as human shields. he is nick robertson from cnn. he said they just wanted to show them the damage at the compound. team fox coverage continues. jennifer griffin at the pentagon. jennifer, the timing of the show and tell of the damage certainly was of interest. what more do we know about what happened? >> well, what we know from british sources is that british tornado jets were loaded with seven storm chaser missiles and they were preparing a second wave of attacks on qaddafi's compound when they realized that journalists were there. so, after those first two tomahawks which were fired from british subs landed, they were going to follow one these tornado strikes. when they saw the journalists, they called off the strike and they called off the strike. they said that the reuters team was exactly in a spot where one of the missiles was supposed to
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land. the journalists have been taken there by the libyan government minders and as one u.s. defense official told me tonight, he said, if those essentially if those journalists decide to hug sam missile sites or to to qaddafi's command and control center in the future, they can't guarantee that coalition bombs will be able to be stopped. >> shepard: i don't think they would consider it hugging missile sites. as it were the president says qaddafi has to go but officials insist qaddafi is not a target. how do you reconcile that? >> well, in fact, they say that he may, in fact, survive and stay in power. take a listen to the head of the coalition general carter ham. i have a very discreet micialted mission. so i could see accomplishing the military mission which has been assigned to me and the current leader would the current leader. is that ideal?
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i don't think anyone would say that that is ideal. >> u.n. resolution does not authorize them to take qaddafi out. >> sending in war planes. >> four planes coming from guitar, you and the united arab emirates is sending planes. they will be limited to humanitarian mission some of the arab nations are coming with strict caveats about how their plans can be used. u.s. fighter planes plan to transition from dropping bombs to patrol the no-fly zone soon and control of the mission should be handed over british and the french in the coming day, shep? >> shepard: third war in the middle east. libya, as you will recall is just one of several countries in the region which have seen uprising in recent weeks. why not target one of the others? tonight there are new developments in two of them. sierra and and -- syria and
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yemen. defecting sending tanks to protect the protesters. american leaders are watching this closer since the american government has cooperated with the united states in trying to crack town on terrorists. syria, deadly crack down there. new round of protests today. we are told riot police chased away a small group of demonstrators. this comes after several days of protests in which syrian troops opened fire on crowds of people. killing at least seven people. the violence prompting protests to set fire to government buildings. the protesters today were reportedly chanting "no more fear." president obama and military leaders say the strikes in libya are not aimed at taking out general -- colonel muammar qaddafi. there is no question washington wants him gone. and now the u.s. is giving qaddafi what amounts to a life or death decision. america's third war in the middle east coming up in the journalists of fox news tonight
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on the fox report. >> it is u.s. policy that qaddafi needs to go. we have a wide range of tools in addition to our military efortsz to support that policy. ♪ [ upbeat instrumental ]
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>> shepard: police in japan have now raised the disaster death toll to 9,000 people confirmed with another 12,000 reported missing. officials say the number of fatalities will likely rise considerably. the japanese government reports traces of radiation from the tsunami ravaged fukushima plants is showing up in more foods including milk, spinach and now even tap water. all of this as smoke suspends emergency work on the nuclear reactors. much more on the situation in japan on "the fox report." 150 cruise missiles have been fired at libya. including a compound which is home to the libyan leader
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muammar qaddafi. part of an international effort to establish a no-fly zone. today president obama said we are not specifically targeting muammar qaddafi. >> we are doing so in support of u.n. security resolution 1973. that specifically talks about humanitarian efforts and we are going to make sure that we stay to that mandated. >> shepard: the president says the united states will transfer leadership of the operation within days. actually, that's not what he said. he said that's the goal. james rosen life at the state department tonight. this is a delicate situation for america. >> it is, shep, because the u.n.-backed military campaign aims only to render qaddafi toothless militarily while it is u.s. policy to force him out over some unspecified period of time. neither secretary of state clinton nor president obama admits that their policy is one of regime change. but they continue to say they will keep the pressure on qaddafi until he leaves.
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that, white house national security advisor tom donlin said yesterday will come about because qaddafi, quote, will be isolated and will have to make some choices going forward senior u.s. officials intend for his choices to be very limited indeed. >> as a practical matter, how are you driving qaddafi to make the right choice when you have also made it unmistakably clear that the moment he steps down he will be treated as a war criminal? >> it is not for us to present him with some kind of golden parachute after what he has done. >> so, to sum up, while the u.n. backed military campaign attempts to strip away qaddafi's ability to wage war, the u.s.
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sheriff's department reports it's warned 700 homeowners they have to leave if the fire begins to spread. right now we are told the fire is 15% contained no word yet on how it started. oil prices on the rise again. traders say it's only partly because of the war in libya. a live report ahead. plus our other big story of the night. nuclear crisis in japan. workers had to evacuate that fukushima power plant today and tonight u.s. warships are on the move. a live report from japan coming up as fox reports live tonight. ♪ [ male announcer ] these keys open doors to opportunity... ♪ communities... ♪ ...and kw how to have a good time. ♪ it's chevy truck month. get your keys. qualified buyers ge0% apr financing for months onll 2011 silverado halfon models.
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>> shepard: on a normal day, libya would produce an average of one of every 50 barrels of oil in the world. hasn't been normal in libya for weeks. the country's oil output has dropped by what they tell us is 75% amid the unrest. now as the united states and the allies launch air strikes there in the new war, energy traders
7:21 pm
fear it could be a long time before things get to, well, where they were before. gerri willis from the fox business network with us. we saw a bit of a spike in oil prices today. >> i would call it a spike. they went up $26 a barrel. light sveda crude to 132.23 cents. $100 important benchmark for oil prices. gas is going up as well, 3.55 a gallon. 3.16 a gallon was the price just last month. americans are trying to deal with that three quarters of americans saying in a poll they are going to curb their spending because of rising gas prices. >> shepard: usually that happens about $4 a gallon. that's what history tell us. >> happening already. >> shepard: how much of this is about what has already happened and how much is it about fears this will spread to nation nations that spread more oil than libya. >> about fear of tomorrow and saudi arabia. a big area for concern. they are really in a fight with iran over who is going to lead that region. so, big question is, can oil and
7:22 pm
gas, can it is that factored in? >> yeah. you saw that happen last week. gas prices kind of went down a little bit. but now spiking today because we don't know what's going to happen in libya. we don't know what's going to happen with this international group of folks who are going after qaddafi. will qaddafi be taken out? will that have some kind of impact? we don't know yet, there are more questions than answers. >> shepard: if he is taken out, we don't know who could replace him, as far as i know. >> could be worse. >> shepard: imerry -- gerri willis, we will look for you on the willis report on the fox business network, giving you the
7:23 pm
power to prosper. >> grateful to be survived after rescuers pulled 80-year-old grandmother and him from their flattened home nine days after the quake. police found them hearing the boy cry out, "help please, please help." rescue teams helping carry them out on stretchers and air lifting them to a nearby hospital. think of this. subfreezing temperatures night after night. 30 mile-per-hour winds. nine days trapped beneath the rubble with nothing. the grandson says he is very weak. his memory is still a bit foggy. >> did you know where you were? >> not really. i just knew we were in the house somewhere. >> how do you feel now? >> i'm so relieved to be rescued. >> shepard: we're told they survived on food in their fridge. the grandson reportedly has hypothermia. his grandmother told rescuers she was not hurt at all there
7:24 pm
are dramatic new pictures of the deadly tsunami moments after it struck in japan. look. >> shepard: this is from the japanese coast guard as it travels over a 23-wall of water. three miles from the japanese coast. another look at it now with the video sped up. can you hear crew members in that video urging each other to hold on to something as the wave rolls. there are new details on japan's damaged nuclear power plant. tepco failed to inspect crucial equipment that should work in the case of a natural disaster. those details and bottom-of-the-hour headlines straight away.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent now. word of a chemical fire at a plant in kentucky. and what police are now reportedly calling a low level emission of hazardous materials. we're told it happened at carbide industries in louisville. the company's web site indicates it produces chemicals for steel plants and construction companies. according to local reports there in louisville, doctors are treating at least one person for burns. we're also being told police have told everyone living near that plant and up to a mile to the north and east to lock themselves indoors and block any outside air. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour,
7:29 pm
time for the top of the news. and just into fox news, international coalition forces reportedly hit radar installations at two libyan air defense bases in the eastern part of the country as america's third war suspect and going. that's according to the reporting of the al jazeera satellite network. the two bases said to be located near the rebel strong hold of benghazi. meantime international forces are apparently getting set to explain that no-fly zone over libya. that word from the u.s. commander in the region. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will soon extend to misrata and then to tripoli. >> shepard: so quickly it's assumed they had help from the ground. some kind of coalition ground forces. some initial strikes against the government forces hit near the city of benghazi. rick leventhal is streaming live
7:30 pm
from that city tonight. what are you seeing there? >> you know, shepard, it will h. been relatively quiet tonight except for those loud concussions that we did here over the last couple of hours. they sounded like they were a few miles away and then as you mentioned al jazeera now reporting that some radar installations may have been hit east benghazi that would jive with what we have been hearing. this was the front lines on saturday when qaddafi's tanks rolled into the south of benghazi. then they retreated about 10 miles from here. that's when u.s. and other nato war planes moved in and carried out air strikes against heavy armor. tanks and artillery that were hit. destroyed about six tanks and at least a dozen other heavy armed vehicles. rocket launchers, killed an unknown number of libyan troops. all this happening about 10 miles south of benghazi. the military says that these strikes were within u.n. guidelines. >> those forces, which are attacking civilians and pose their threat and are not
7:31 pm
compliant with the direction from the international community, then those forces can have been and will be attacked. >> and we visited a local hospital here in benghazi this morning where a doctor told us there were hundreds of wounded over the weekend, shepard. and at least 95 killed. >> shepard: all right. the rebels, those who have risen up against the government there, risen up against qaddafi. the ones with whom we are siding in this war. they have been trying to make a move on this city. tell us about that. >> right. they lost it about a week ago to qaddafi forces now that appears to be the front lines once again. they moved the rebels did, from benghazi back towards. they went to another town where an oil storage facility is on fire. not clear how that happened. we have rebel forces outside of ajdabyia. they were staged there a few
7:32 pm
miles north of the city because qaddafi's troops were still there or were earlier today. and in fact when nato jets went flying over these rebel forces, towards ajdabiya the rebels were emboldened by that they jumped in their vehicles with heavy weapons and chased after the jets towards the town and we're told by a witness that they got closer to ajdabiya. qaddafi's forces opened up on them. killed a couple of these rebels. the rest of them turned around and headed back. not just airplane that's going to win this for the opposition forces. they have got to take out those tanks, too. >> shepard: of course, we all remember the beginning of the iraq war. at the beginning thereof the forces that were loyal to the government there took off their uniforms and went into civilian clothes. and now we're -- that was eight years ago, obviously. now we are hearing that this regime is having its soldiers do the same thing, take off their uniforms, blend into the local population, is there evidence of that? >> well, we're hearing that
7:33 pm
that's happening in misurata and to the west. we are also hearing that here in the east in many of these city there are qaddafi supporters in pretty much every city. most cases they are keeping a low profile and blending in with the population. we also heard that prior to qaddafi's move into many of these towns that people were making these qaddafi supporters were going house to house and talking to people and encouraging them to lay down their arms or even turn over to the other side. it's not clear how effective that was. but pretty much everyone here in benghazi will tell threw are qaddafi supporters among them. in fact, earlier today we went down to the town hall. they said they had just grabbed a qaddafi supporter off the street. they hustled them into a building and we don't know what happened to them after that. >> shepard: rick leventhal live tonight in libya. thanks very much. the latest headlines on our web site you will find breaking news, pictures and video from the regime on the ground reports from our teams there in the region. the other developing story we are following tonight the
7:34 pm
nuclear crisis in japan. despite being taken off the front pages it is far from over. in fact, in many ways it got worse today as they had to evacuate that fukushima power plant as smoke or steam started rising from two nuclear reactors. officials investigating the cause of this steam or smoke which delayed workers from getting the plant's cooling systems up and running again. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission reports reactor cores of units 1, 2, and 3 all have damage but that their outer containment structures are holding. workers have already connected units 5 and 6 to dediesel generator. get to team fox coverage now. our greg palkot in the city of osaka japan. trace gallagher on the nuclear disaster. take us through each reactor and where things stand in this disaster. >> shep, the number one reactor appears to be stable tonight. the power is back on there the number two reactor the power is back on but there is white smoke coming out. it's unclear where that smoke exactly is coming from. they are trying to work on a
7:35 pm
ventilation system there. number three is the big concern. heavy black smoke is coming out. the workers have all been evacuated. and there is concern that pressure is building up inside that nuclear reactor. and, remember, number three is the only reactor that uses plutonium, which is much more toxic than uranium. number four, the pool that holds those spent fuel rods still, very, very dry. so radiation is coming out. number five and six, shep, appear to be stable tonight. >> shepard: trace, we know the long history of tepco the tokyo electric power company which own os these plants. we know they have had all sorts of problems. now we are learning that that same company in charge of the plant repeatedly failed to make equipment inspections the week before the tsunami. >> yeah. in fact, 10 days before that quake and tsunami hit, tepco admitted, shep, that they failed to inspect 33 different pieces of equipment on those six reactors. 33. on top of that, a power board
7:36 pm
that regulates the cooling system had not been inspected in more than 11 years. it turns out these inspections are all voluntary, but apparently not for long. there is great pressure inside japan to make those inspections mandatory and to make them regular, shep. >> shepard: trace gallagher live for us tonight. thanks. new concerns about the radiation leak that plant. our coverage continues now. greg palkot live from the japanese city of osaka. greg, u.s. warships are on the move there tonight. right? >> yeah, that's right, shep. officially, the "uss george washington" aircraft carrier and another american destroyer leaving the port on monday because the words of the u.s. navy they want to make sure readiness in defense of japan. fox news can confirm they are leaving earlier than expected and they are leaving because of concerns about low levels of united nations were detected around that port midweek last
7:37 pm
week that was about the same time that other u.s. military assets were impacted. those staying behind members and family taking iodine tablets defense of radioactive poisoning. same tablets, shep, being handed out by the state department by the u.s. embassy here, the u.s. government staffers in the impacted area. >> shepard: we have been hearing for a while now that radiation is turning up in food. now food and water. >> this has been the big story over the weekend. traces of radioactive iodine discovered in milk and spinach and other vegetables coming from the other regions around the radioactive -- rose around the nuclear reactors. the government is saying that is not of a dangerous level but they are banning the sale of those products. and also admitting that even smaller traces are coming up in
7:38 pm
the court, tap water, sea water, even the rain falling around in that area. so it is getting to the psyche of the people to be tested next, seafood. fish, shell fish, major product of that area, shep. >> shepard: greg palkot streaming live early this tuesday morning in osaka, japan, greg, thanks. more on the crisis in japan ahead. we are still tracking another major story of the day. with new details on the libyan leader's long history of violence. plus, some big news from the world of business that could effect anybody who uses a cell phone. can i interest you in fewer choices and possibly higher prices? but maybe the signal will finally work on 34th and madison? i don't know. maybe. the motorola xoom tablet.
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7:42 pm
got out of the life sentence back in 2009 and went home. abdel that gra i had is the only person ever convicted in the bombing of panam flight 103 in 19 8 -- a scottish judge ordered release of megrahi on compassionate grounds after doctor said he only had a few months to leave. muammar qaddafi welcomed him home with open arms and, of course, we have heard accusations from libyans former justice minister who has since defected it was qaddafi himself who ordered the attack on panam flight 103. the chief fox report's correspondent jonathan hunt is with us. we understand the regime is protecting megrahi right now. >> it appears that way. ever since he returned to libya back in 2009 he had been living in damascus neighborhood of tripoli. upscale neighborhood.
7:43 pm
where many of the foreign embassies are. he also apparently was building a new home there described by those who had seen the foundations as looking like a mansion. he was being chauffeur driven there regularly in a lamb la bower guinea or hummer. on saturday, it appears that he was spirited away from that neighborhood, possibly out of tripoli all together to some sort of safe house. it would appear that muammar qaddafi has a vested interest in keeping al-megrahi alive and out of the hands of coalition forces, if this was to end with coalition forces taking control of libya, shep. >> the families of the victims of panam 103, how are they responding to what's happening now in libya? >> i spoke to one of the relatives of the victim today. his name is brian flynn. he lost his elder brother j.p. flynn in the bombing of flight 103. he said that whatever happens to qaddafi to him it is not about revenge but it is about seeing justice served.
7:44 pm
listen. >> i want to so him held accountable. if that means we have to kill him to do that, i would be the person to pull the trigger. i don't think that that should be the sole gool. it should to be liberate the libyan people to allow them to be free and hold him and anybody else accountable. >> brian flynn also told me that he remembers, of course, that there is still an indictment here in the u.s. against al-megrahi and if we can get his -- our hands on him, he would love shep to see him in an american court. >> jonathan hunt, thanks very much. now to a major shakeup here in the united states and the cell phone industry. today, at&t announced it plans to buy rival t mobile in a deal that would create the nation's largest mobile provider, though analyst expect it to face some serious federal scrutiny. at&t officials say they will pay $39 billion. it's a deal to america the two companies subscriber bases, giving at&t nearly 130 million customers.
7:45 pm
compare that to verizon wireless with a few more than 100 million customers. but government regulators still have to okay the whole thing. she ban any she ban any joshi. would it make at&t not cut out so well. >> the question you ask is something that every at&t customer is asking out there. will this deal make our cell phone coverage any better? it is legendary. at&t in announcing this deal acknowledged the problem. after the deal closes in a year they will increase the cell phone towers to 45%. a year or more. will my cell phone bill be lower? with two big players out there verizon and at&t. the prognosis is not looking good, shepard, there really isn't any incentive to lower any prices out there.
7:46 pm
>> shepard: you know from, a technical standpoint, this looks like it might work at least for these companies because they use the same platform. but t mobile users, they would have to change their phones, right? >> right. this is a big sort of asterisk that's been put on this deal. you know, on one side you have t-mobile users yes they can get access to 3 g but they work on a completely different backbone. then we have at&t, again, using 3 g network with you working on its own separate backbone. what at&t is saying it is going to need to do is basically replace t-mobile phones. it's going to be doing it at no cost to customers. that effects tens of millions of people out there. >> shepard: shibani joshi, thanks a lot. conflict and chaos in libya as the assault continues on a dictator who says he is preparing for a long war. actually, it's not an assault on a dictator. it's humanitarian effort to put in no-fly zone. international forces say they are doing this to prevent colonel qaddafi from killing his own people. but it comes more than three
7:47 pm
weeks after his forces first opened fire on protesters. and critics say this is really more about regime change than anything else. after all, the president himself said qaddafi needs to go. here's what former u.s. ambassador nicholas burns said earlier today on "studio b." listen. >> here's the problem. the coalition has been saying over the last couple of days that the mission is to protect civilians. and, yet, the european leadership and our leadership here in the u.s. have been saying that qaddafi has to go. those two statements are not reconcilable. >> shepard: next, president obama explains his thinking as u.s. lawmakers demand details of a so far unknown end game in libya.
7:48 pm
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>> shepard: president obama says
7:51 pm
it is still time for muammar qaddafi to go but that is not the goal of the military operation that the u.s. is leading over libya right now. senator john mccain telling our own greta van susteren the president is trying to walk a fine line. >> the u.n. resolution only says that we act for humanitarian purposes but the president has announced the policy that qaddafi must go. now what i hope we are doing is arranging for arming and equipping either through us directly or indirectly arming and equipping and helping with the training of the anti-qaddafi forces so they can gain their own freedom. >> shepard: the rest of greta's interview with senator mccain tonight 10:00 eastern, 9 central on the record here on fox news. mike emanuel traveling with the president in santiago, capitol hill. the president is facing criticism really from both sides of the political aisle. >> that's true, shep. some liberals saying the president is going too far in libya. members from both parties saying
7:52 pm
there should have been more consultation with congress. here's a sample of the criticism. >> this is a war. when you are dropping bombs and they are shooting back, it's a war. >> there is no elm that the threat. there imthat the threat. end. we could be strengthening islamic extremists could be setting up camp in eastern libya. people want to divide that nation. this is a nightmare. >> >> white house officials say they recognize the need to reach out to members of congress but truth be told they seem to be caught off guard by so much criticism back home, shep. >> shepard: what about a white house response, officially, mike? >> well, the president today and his team talked about being concerned about a humanitarian massacre. they seem to be haunted by the rwanda massacre that took place in the 1990s. here is the president making his case. >> when the entire international community almost you unanimously
7:53 pm
says that there is a potential humanitarian crisis about to take place, that a leader who has lost his legitimacy decides to turn his military on his own people that we can't simply stand by with empty words. >> so the president making the case you can't just talk about it you have to take action. but the white house continues saying the mission in libya is going to be very narrow in focus. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel traveling with the president in santiago, capitol hill tonight. a fox urgent now and witnesses report that israel has launched air strikes in the gaza strip and wounded at least 19 people. the israeli military now confirms one of the air raids targeted several hamas militants along with a tunnel that they report is used for smuggling weapons. this comes after militants reportedly fired more than a dozen mortars and rockets into israel over the weekend. i should say dozens of rockets
7:54 pm
and mortars. no word on whether anybody there was hurt. up next, more from libya, including word coalition forces are now trying to extend that no-fly zone over the capital and beyond. we're live on the ground in tripoli with news as it happens. that's next. [ male announcer ] an everyday moment can turn romantic anytime. and when it does, men with erectile dysfunction can be re confident in eir abilityto be ready with cialis for daily use. ♪ cialis for daily use is a clinical proven low-dose tablet you take every da so you can be ready anytime the moment's right. ♪ tell your docto about your medical condition and all medications, and ask if you're healthy enough for sual activity. do't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. [ man ] do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache, or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help
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>> shepard: updating fox top stories tonight. u.s. air strikes on libya have entered a third night. >> it is u.s. policy that qaddafi needs to go. >> shepard: but the president says that is not the directive of the military action which now allows the united states and its allies to expand the no-fly zone. and the question of whether qaddafi has chemical weapons is being raised yet again tonight. according to one former weapons inspector, qaddafi has been in the possession of -- or the process of dismantling a stockpile of highly lethal mustard gas when the uprise put his reign in question. the deadline for getting rid of those weapons is this may.
7:58 pm
the process is not finished. weapons inspector tells abc it is clear he has mustard agent left. as far as anyone is able to tell, he doesn't really have munitions to effectively use that the military risk posed by this is relatively small. s that according to the weapons inspector. let's get right to steve harrigan now in tripoli. steve, how are things now. >> shepard, it's been quiet for about the past two hours here. three times tonight we have heard loud and heavy explosions both incoming and outgoing fire. we're not sure if that incoming was cruise missiles attacks or attacks from jet war planes. most of those loud explosions coming from the vicinity of qaddafi's compound about one mile away. that, of course, being targeted as a command and control center. here in tripoli it's interesting in a city of 1.5 million people how much confidence people seem to have in the ability of these weapons to be accurate. because street traffic continues as normal. cars on the streets continue. all the while, we are hearing
7:59 pm
thumping, heavy explosions, hitting and seeing that antiaircraft fire go up in the sky as well. shepard? >> shepard: steve, do we know who these rebels are? >> i think that's a big question for a lot of people. one concern though to keep in mind is anyone who has spent time inn. iraq or in afghanistan has seen a lot of firefighters come out of libya, firefighters against coalition forces. a lot of firefighters come out of eastern libya and out of benghazi region. certainly some question marks about who makes up the rebels, who is making up their leadership council at this point. >> shepard: some of the very people we fought against in iraq came from the east of libya. and now may be our defactor partners in what is tantamount to our 30 war in the middle east. and now you know the news for this monday, march the 21st, 2011. i'm shepard smith. thanks for having us into your home tonight. throughout the evening, we'll be following the two big stories of the day. the new day has

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